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Selective Mutism: Creative Communications.

We are pleased to be expanding and setting up a new therapy base whereby we can support those with selective mutism either alone or with their family. We understand provision is exceptionally limited and we hope to offer a high-quality service to families and individuals who have this condition. We are also happy to meet online and can work over zoom with individuals, teachers, professionals and families. 

We believe it is important to build confidence, self esteem, aid regulation and reduce anxiety when it comes to treating selective mutism. We use an 'bottom up' approach, in a nurturing, safe and fun environment. This can involve the whole family , the child, or just the parents.

We are also pleased to launch our family support sessions, the first meeting is free, then the sessions are £5 a week. They run online for an hour once a month and give families the opportunity to seek advice and support together over an informal chat and a cup of tea!


Our lead therapist, Joanna, has completed plenty of research and training on using Dr. Bruce Perry's Neurosequential approach to therapeutics, as well as training by Maggie Johnson (leading speech and language therapist specialising in SM). As well as courses by Speech freedom (Treating adults and teens with SM), and further training in Polyvagal theory and middle ear music.

We are excited to be offering Safe and Sound Protocol and Primitive Reflex Integration.

We offer family support in person and online!

Joanna has presented her work at the music therapy and families symposium in Vienna, She also has case work published nationally and presented on worldwide platforms including the international selective mutism conference in Florida 2023. 

Joanna also runs CPD courses for families, professionals, individuals

with SM and schools. 

Training professionals, organisations and schools

£130 for a 2-hour CPD training session. 

Family support sessions cost £60 per session.

Report Writing  £60 per hour. 

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