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To All Parents of Kids with Superpowers- Poem written by Joanna Turner

To all the Parents

of kids with ‘Superpowers’: I hear you

I hear you: When you cry into your pillow

Or your mug of coffee on the way to work,

I hear you: when you fear others will see your kid

And laugh or smirk.

I hear you: When school say

“You are involved too much”

But you can see your child,

Is crying for ‘YOUR touch’.

I hear you: When you see your child

Frozen in fear

Yet some ‘staff’ say

“No, I’ll go… you wait here”.

I hear you: When your told

“Don’t put pressure on, just let them be”

Then conflicting advice

“Small steps, exposures, that’s the key”.

I hear you: When your mind and heart are full

When your brain goes completely numb

And the thoughts…

…won’t come

I hear you: When your child screams through the night

With thoughts whizzing around their head

You snuggle them close , hold them tight,

and Invite them in your bed.

I hear you: When you say – you can’t come in

Please please, No more

I know my child, they need me now,

Its time to close our door.

I hear you: When you think

That love, peace and nurture are all gone

When targets take over

And the systems are all wrong.

I hear you : when you know

Your child really wants to thrive

And be free from everything -

That eats them up inside.

I hear you: When you hold their pain

And see it in their mind

All you want is someone..

To please be kind.

I hear you: When your voice hurts from saying

All the things your child is unable.

When their superpowers begin to fade

And you are both sick – of ‘that label’.

I hear you : when you are told “they just need love”

Or when you are told , “they need to rise above”

You hadn’t thought of love you see…

… oh goodness me….

I hear you: when your child’s told to be ‘brave’

The child who has already had to come out of the darkest cave.

I hear you: when someone says

“The mum is the cause at home

The reason her child wont talk..

… at school, shops or on the phone”.

I hear you: when you ask your child about their day

When they say “my superpowers ran out-

I couldn’t talk or play”

When they feel so unsure, that they scream and shout

For deep inside themselves, their self belief is in doubt.

I hear you: When you snuggle your child in tight

Confirming their dreams and wishes

And holding their hope in sight.

I hear you: When all you need

Is someone saying “I’m here –

come in, the kettles on

please don’t live in fear”.

I hear you: when someone holds your hand

And says welcome to this special land

For you have come to a place few get to visit,

Your child’s love, fun, crazy spirit.

I hear you: Amazing Mums

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