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Piper’s voice really encapsulates the emotions that come with finding yourself unable to speak due to anxiety.

Joanna has a wonderful way of finding the beauty in the uncomfortable and encouraging expressiveness through arts.

This book journeys with a young girl retelling her story through her imaginary friend Piper.


Written by Joanna Turner, an arts psychotherapist and parent of a young child with selective mutism.  Joanna encapsulated the highs and lows of Piper’s experience of selective mutism through the eyes of a young girl.  Piper faces the upset and fears that come with not being able to speak. His family and friends support Piper to learn more about anxieties and encourage Piper to express himself in beautiful ways. Jonathon has done a wonderful job in bringing Piper and all the characters to life in his wonderful illustrations.

Piper's Voice

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